Interesting Olympic Conversations

Today the boys and I were watching the women run track, and after watching a couple of races, Bugs says, “Six packs do not belong on a women.  It’s just wrong.”

Roo agrees heartily, and I respond with, “No it’s not.  I wish I had abs like that.”

Buzzard says, “I think it looks nice,” or some such thing like that.  The other two tell him he’s wrong.

Then they move on to the “Blade Runner” as the media has dubbed Oscar Pistorius.  “That is ridiculous to say he has an unfair advantage,” Roo says.  “How is NOT having two legs and unfair ADVANTAGE,” as this was the most unreasonable thing on earth.

Buzzard snickered and said, “I know.  Some dumb guy said he was, like, Bionic.  I mean really, did he see what he had to run on?  That’s not an advantage,” as though this was obvious to anyone who cared to look.

Later on, we were watching when they announced that synchronized swimming was going to begin, which led to a conversation about said sport.  Specifically, how their opinion was that it should be a sport, and what exactly was synchronized swimming anyway?

I couldn’t tell them, so we watched.

About a minute and a half into the first pair, the curiosity was killing them.

“Are they touching the bottom?” Roo asks as one girl flips the other into the air.

“How long can they hold their breath?  Gee whiz, they are still underwater!”  Buzzard says at least a full minute, maybe more of them being underwater.

The camera at this point pans underwater, where it shows them clearly not touching the bottom of the pool, but hovering perpendicular with legs out of the water and in the air.

“They are like whales,”  I comment, thinking not of size, but how whales just stand on their heads for long periods of time.

This leaves the boys speechless.  Then Roo says, “Well, O.K., it looks really hard.  But I still don’t think it should be a sport.”

Where do they get these opinions?  Hubs and I haven’t talked about any of these things, so they weren’t reflections of our beliefs.  One things for sure though.  It brought a whole new level of entertainment to viewing the Olympics.

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20 Responses to Interesting Olympic Conversations

  1. LOL!!!! That sounded so much like a conversation that would take place in my house. Sometimes boys are so random don’t you think? But it keeps life interesting I would say :).

  2. Everyone has an opinion it seems…my one son doesn’t think anything that is ‘judged’ is a sport..Diane

    • How funny! Most of the opinion in my house runs in the vein of, if it is subjective (i.e. anything that isn’t a race where there is a clear winner), then it shouldn’t be judged. Not that I necessarily agree with this, although it has some merit.

  3. I’m with Roo when it comes to synchronized swimming.

  4. Pat Bailey says:

    Interesting experience. This post points out the importance of sharing the everyday experiences with our children so we can know what they are thinking and maybe give them a new perspective to use as they make sense of the world. Thanks.

  5. Robin Coyle says:

    Synchronized swimmers scare me.

    Your boys are sharp.

  6. We were watching the same synchronised swimming I believe! My parents called the girls fish! lol
    Said they think it’s strange that it’s a sport..but my parents too sat there and watched with awe! =)

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