Airplane travel and Dr. Phil

Yesterday Dr. Phil had a show regarding banning children from certain public places, like airplanes, and restaurants.  My DH happened to be home, and although we weren’t actively watching it, it came on while we were working around the house.  This really caught our attention, so we stopped to watch for a few minutes.

Apparently there are people out there who want to ban children from restaurants.  I was a little shocked.  I can remember having to leave my own dinner on more than one occasion to deal with a miscreant who didn’t want to behave during a meal.  Not pleasant, but it didn’t occur to me that it was epidemic that screaming children are allowed to stay in a restaurant.  Not so long ago I sat outside with a mouthy teenager during a meal at a restaurant, and he was only bothering me–not the rest of the restaurant.

He then moved onto planes.  That got DH and I talking, and actually laughing.  We had a flight one time coast to coast where Roo, who was five at the time, was VERY unhappy.  For the whole flight he terrorized most of the plane–and it was a BIG plane (11 seats across, two isles).  The poor guy in front of him was ready to strangle us for all the kicking he did.  We tried everything that could be tried within the confines of the plane.  But unfortunately he was overtired, overstimulated, and over cranky.  I’m surprised no one came to us and said, “Mam, if you can’t control your kid we’ll have to put him in with the baggage.”

When we finally landed, I plucked him from his seat, and held him tightly to me.  The looks from everyone within sight was pure evil, and I don’t blame them.  He was a terror, and I knew it.  DH and I were humiliated.  It was without at doubt one of the worst trips we’d taken.

Another time we went to visit family at Christmas.  Weather delayed our flight, so we missed our connection, along with hundreds of other people.  Again, a long day turned into a midnight affair trying to find a hotel room.  While we waited in line, a fight broke out behind us.  Imagine how horrified I was to see it was my twins wrestling and pummeling each other on the floor.  The lady at the counter leaned over and yelled at them.  I was so tempted to not claim them as my own…but instead administered swift and severe punishment.

Another time we were headed to the caribbean, and again a missed connection.  That was the longest day on record.  I’ve never in my life before or since encountered such ineptness.  Everyone we talked to pretty much refused to help us.  And because they were being so rude and unhelpful, I found myself thinking, “I really wish the kids would start acting very badly in a loud way.”  Of course they didn’t, they were perfect angels.  Go figure.

I’m not sure what is going on with these bans.  I understand others in public have a right to peace and quiet.  But isn’t it really the responsibility of the parent to enforce the code of good behavior?  And if they can’t, they have to leave?

I’m just not sure how that works on a plane.  After voicing my thoughts on this my DH said, “What they need to do is make the back section of the plane for kids, and have a sound proof door between that section and the adult section.”

Hmmm….Now that’s an idea.

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  1. janie says:

    I like that idea.

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