Paul Harvey…

I have wanted for a long time to write a book about the signers of the Declaration of Independence.  Not so much the famous ones, but the “others”.  The ones that no one knows their names, and know relatively little about them.  I wondered, would it be of any interest?  Does anyone really care?  After all, every single signature was a risk.  Why are those that are obscure any less important than John Hancock, who is remembered simply for being brash enough to sign his name in huge script?

Today, I was scrolling through Facebook and came upon this post by my good friend Gretchen.  I love her because she is not afraid to say what she thinks.  In the political climate of today where there seems to be extreme polarization on views it’s difficult to speak your mind without pushing someone’s buttons.  This post is Paul Harvey giving a speech, but it isn’t about sides.  It’s not about political parties.  It’s not about bashing the Democrats, nor the Republicans.  He speaks the simple truth about the men who made this country.  Those same men, who signed the Declaration, some who died for this nation’s cause whose names we now can’t recall.  It brought tears to my eyes imagining what it must have been like for them as they, the few, strived to make life for the many a better life.

It makes me want to shout to all of congress–BOTH SIDES–that they should be ashamed of what we have become, for if no one tells them, our fate is grim and the sacrifices all those men made to make America will have been for nothing.

Please take the ten minutes or so to listen.  It is well worth the time.  And to Gretchen, thank you for the reminder…

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16 Responses to Paul Harvey…

  1. terry1954 says:

    i am so glad you posted this. it was wonderful!

  2. Gretchen says:

    Arnel – it is always a pleasure. I, too, forget from time to time the depth of the sacrifices the men and women before me made so that I, my children and my community may continue to be free in this country. Public “servants” are no longer… they have become public “officials.” When did THAT happen? Becoming elected to a legislative (or executive) position carries with it a HUGE responsibility to not only take our country down the path of freedom, but to become a servant to the people who put them in that position. The government should serve the people – not the other way around. May you have a blessed day – and keep fighting the good fight!

  3. Barney says:

    Great post, great idea. It feels to me that no matter what side one is on, or even if one is associated with a side, everyone is feeling disappointment with the gridlock in our government today. We have to find a way to compromise ond move forward again.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you Barney. I think people need to realize that the fight has shifted to “us” (the people) against “them” (the government) rather then party against party. Yes the parties sy they stand for different things, but once elected they all act the same and care not about the people but keeping their jobs and benefits that come with them. It will be a lot more messy before it gets better…

  4. Lynne Ayers says:

    Excellent post, Arnel.

  5. robincoyle says:

    Oh gosh . . . I forgot how much I love his voice and delivery. Thank you for sharing!

  6. deniz says:

    I like that book idea!

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