Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Having spent a few days of the last week scuba diving (it would have been the whole week had it not been for a rather violent illness that knocked me out on Wednesday) several creatures come to mind when thinking of Lost in the Details.  The first is called a Toad Fish.  He looks similar to a scorpion fish, highly camouflaged to protect him from predators.  All these “details” make it very difficult to see his features.

Toad Fish

Toad Fish

Toad Fish

Toad Fish

Many other creatures find hiding places in the details, like this eel:

IMG_4248Here is the cropped version:


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38 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

  1. terry1954 says:

    these are so totally cool!!!

  2. robincoyle says:

    Exactly why I don’t scuba dive. I would hate to meet that guy!

  3. these are so beautiful and the camouflage is amazing. I can’t even find the first fish.

    • Thank you TW. The ocean is really so incredible in its ability to hide things. Sometimes when we first look at the pictures for editing, we say, “Why’d we take this? Is there something in this frame that is the subject?” Because we can’t find it either. In the first photo, it’s the dark grayish slate colored thing. If you look for the mouth, it’s a wide curved line of white about a quarter of the way up the frame from the bottom and centered left to right.

  4. Talk about detail…Wow..Diane

  5. pattisj says:

    They do blend well with their surroundings.

  6. This is a great depiction of what this challenge is looking for. Love it. (Sorry you got sick!!)

  7. Very nicely chosen shots for the topic! Perfect!

  8. I can’t see the toad fish, got lost in the details right there. But thank for cropping the eel, made it so much easier to spot. I love your photos 🙂

  9. Pat says:

    What fun! I couldn’t find them until your lens made the detail clear. Thanks, Arnel.

  10. Colline says:

    They are really well camouflaged – I had to look hard for them in the pictures – especially the toad fish.

  11. Cee Neuner says:

    Wonderful. I sure like your last shot!! Gorgeous monotone!

  12. Madhu says:

    LOVE the last one of the ell peeking out from whatever underwater creature that is 🙂

    • Hi Amar! Thank you! For underwater I use a canon g12, which is a point and shoot, as I haven’t sprung for the underwater housing for my DSLR yet. The g12 has a 5 times zoom, but I usually only go about 1/2 way. Under water I WB with a WB card in the shallows and use flash at depth.

  13. megtraveling says:

    Fantastic pictures, and perfect for the theme!

  14. Lovely photos, I do like the last one, the cropped version.

  15. The ocean holds many amazing, beautiful creatures. It’s like another world. It does looks and feel like another world so amazing, peaceful, magical. The toad fish was truly unique!

  16. Lynne Ayers says:

    Ah, I spotted him before the crop – great shots.

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