You Know Your Old When…

Last night my husband and I took our three teenage boys to the University Football Game in our town.  We’ve done this before, and as odd as I know this sounds, part of my fascination with it is what young people wear these days.

Even though “preppy” isn’t really “In” any more, a number of the young men at these games fall into this category, and I find it interesting that they even sometimes don ties.  The girls, however, are a different story.  Their dresses (yes, they wear dresses) range from very cute and fashionable to shocking (at least in my humble opinion).

As we were standing in line to buy three tickets (we were given two), a group of three college age girls passed in front of us, cutting through the lines as they headed toward the stadium.  Something caught my eye about one of them–I think it was her yellow linen dress–and as I turned to look, I realized with a huge shock that you could see right through it, butt crack and all.  I admit to staring, because my brain kept saying to me, surely not!  Her friend walking beside her had on an almost as offensive white dress.  Both dresses were short, probably too short.  But the fact that her body parts showed through so distinctly didn’t allow my brain to even register it’s length.

Not having seen her from the front, I sincerely hoped she had a thong on.  This thought was followed by a fear that my boys might have seen it.  I turned back to them, glad for the first time in my life that they all had their eyes glued to an iPod Touch.

I’m starting to feel like Maxine.

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2 Responses to You Know Your Old When…

  1. Laura says:

    I hear you! Some of the things people wear now-a-days truly shocks me. What shocks me more, however, is that people seem to have lost the ability to determine whether or not something looks good on them.

    Just because they make it in your size, that doesn’t mean you look good wearing it.

    I say that as a size 16. 🙂

    • Laura,
      What I can’t quite figure out is, why didn’t someone (friend, boyfriend, foe) say something, and if they did, why on earth didn’t she care? If I had a daughter that did that, I’d die of shame.

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