Curious creatures, teenagers.  And as it happens, convenient for the topic for today.  Something you never believed until you experienced it.

There are many things that could fit this catagory, but I’m talking about how one day they suddently think you are the dumbest being on the planet.  Mine don’t actually say it, but they think it.  I can see it on their faces when I try to advise them on anything from personal hygiene (brush your teeth, or they will fall out), to girls (girls like guys who are neat, and can cook). 

I’m not alone, either.  They think my husband is on an equal plane of intelligence with me, ie, he doesn’t know anything either.  I admit to finding some amusement when it comes to getting help with math.  My husband is one of those math geeks.  He “gets” numbers.  Scored a perfect score on the ACT in math.  And because he “gets” it, he hasn’t forgotten it, anymore than I would forget how to do laundry.  It’s part of him.  So when they come to him with a math question, it absolutely boggles my mind that they would doubt him, because when it comes to math, the man is just never wrong.

For so long we are operating in a world where they believe what we say, and do what we say, and then one day the earth shifts on it’s axis and everything changes.  They no longer look at us with wonder and  eagerness.  There is a lot of eye rolling, and incredible moments of disdain.  They don’t want your hugs, they don’t want to talk, and they certainly don’t want your advice.  And I suddenly feel like I’m trying to hold on to a hand whose body is being pulled away by a very strong current.

A neighbor who has boys older than mine said something to me a long time ago that stuck.  He said, “You know, the child you know leaves and you wonder where they have gone.  But one day, they will come back.”

I think the wait could be painful, but I eagerly await the return.

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