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The Kindness Kronicles

As most of us try to comprehend how someone could commit such a horrific crime as was committed against Jessica Ridgeway, we also wonder how we keep our communities safe.  A local police chief communicated, “We are committed to the safety of our community, and we cannot do this alone.  We rely upon the partnerships and relationships we have with our community and that helps us do our job.”  He also stated “Be an involved parent, neighbor, and/or friend and watch out for each other and our children.”   

Which brings me to this excerpt from Robert Fulghum’s book (emphasis mine).  Not to make light of the circumstances by any means, but if we really do pay attention to the advice below, our world could be so much safer.  I know everyone on my street, and we all watch out for each other.  Nothing gets by any of us – it’s like the old days when neighbors “told on” the…

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