Another Schleprock Moment…

Schleprock’s spirit appears again.  I’m going to dub this Schleprock Tale Number 2.

I was out of town the 4th of October through the 9th.  As is usual when returning from out of town, there was a pile of mail, a refrigerator that needed cleaning and restocking, laundry that needed to be done (mine), and a house that needed to be cleaned before leaving again 11 days later.

So, I begin working my way through my list hitting the grocery store on the 12th.  Since I’m basically lazy by nature, I loaded all my bags on my arms, closed the hatch, and staggered to the door leading into the house where I hit the button to close the garage door.  I hadn’t been inside the house more than 4 seconds when I heard the loudest crash I’ve ever heard coming from the garage.

Upon inspection, I find that the spring above the garage door has snapped in half.

I come back in to call the garage door peeps, only to find it’s 5:05, and everybody is gone for the day.

O.K., no problem.  I will use my husband’s old car that we haven’t really decided what we’re going to do with, until I can get the garage door fixed.  The key word in that sentence is old.

So the next morning I get in my husband’s car to go to an appointment downtown.  I notice on the way that the right turn signal light is solidly illuminated.  When I turn the car off and pull the key out, all the lights on the dash, and overhead go on.  Even more ominous is the burning smell when I step out of the car.  I sniff all around the car like a bloodhound, but see nothing and smell nothing more than what I smelled initially.  All the outside lights are lit on the passenger’s side.  It’s starting to seem like the twilight zone.  I shrug and go to my appointment, as it is now raining, and I am late.

When I return from my appointment, I find a large green paper affixed to the steering wheel that reads:

Passerby saw white smoke coming from under the bumper and called the fire department.  We disconnected the battery.  Please do not reconnect, as it will likely cause a fire.  Must be towed.

I call a tow truck and explain the problem.  He asks me if the wheel will turn.  And believe it or not, I stood there in the rain with my key in my hand pushing the unlock button on a car with the battery disconnected proclaiming in a panicked voice, “I don’t know, I can’t unlock my car.”  There was dead silence on the other end, while I stare at the key in my hand.  Did I really just say I couldn’t unlock my car?  He laughs as I try to excuse my idiocy with being frazzled.  Did I mention it was raining?  Thirty minutes later the tow truck driver comes, but I need a flatbed.  He leaves and I call someone else who is, of course, 10 dollars more.

He tows it to the dealer and gives me a ride.  Now at this point I’m about a 1/2 mile from my husbands office, and it is 10AM.  I’m thinking if I go to his office, I’m stuck there ’till lunch, and I really want someone to come fix my garage door so I opt for the shuttle which they claim will return in 30 minutes.  45 minutes later he’s nowhere in sight.  Gritting my teeth I decide to make the walk to DH office so I can at least call the garage people.

Of course by the time I get there, it’s 11.  And because we are well on our way to 1/2 way through the day, everyone is already booked and can’t come out to repair the garage.

Thankfully DH comes to the rescue.  He takes me to lunch, then runs me home where we proceed to strong-arm the garage door open whereby he holds it up while I back my car out.  Do you know how heavy a garage door is when the spring is broken?  They can weight up to 400 lbs with the hardware.  I don’t what ours weighs, but it’s heavy enough to chop the cat in half should he get in the way of it coming down.

After DH returns to work, I decide to sit down on the couch for 20 minutes of moping.  Fortunately Schleprock’s cloud decides to dissipate and at 2 the garage peeps call and tell me they can come fix the door!

Sometimes the world feels upside down.  When it does, it just needs time to right itself again.  Usually, it’s worth the wait.

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5 Responses to Another Schleprock Moment…

  1. Lisa Barnett says:

    Now I know why we’re friends…I do things like that (unlocking the door) a lot more than I care to admit! Mine usually involves searching frantically for my glasses when they’re either on my head or my shirt. I can’t blame it on age because I’ve always been that way. 😉

    Just so you know….once 1 spring breaks…the other one isn’t far behind. 😦

  2. journeyman1977 says:

    definitely worth the wait, Arnel 🙂

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